How to set up your artwork

Setting up your artwork is where the fun starts with any packaging project.  But it can also be the most tricky to get right - we are here to help.

Start by downloading the PDF artwork template

If you are ordering one of our catalog products; start by clicking to “Download PDF template” on the product page:

If you are ordering a bespoke product we will first need to create a plain unprinted sample and send this to your address for your approval. 

Once you have approved the sample we will send you the artwork template by email.

Steps to set up your artwork

  1. Open Artwork template in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Drop your artwork in
  3. Send it to us as a print ready PDF

Once you have your artwork template it's time to drop in your artwork.  If you have a designer just send this artwork template straight to them and they should know what to do.  For any questions see our guide: How to create your print ready packaging artwork.

Or if want to check anything just get in touch.



Tips for setting up your artwork files:

  • Open the artwork template keeping it unchanged in a separate layer.  We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to do this.
  • Use a separate layer to add your artwork.
  • The cutter guide should be kept on a separate layer (on top of the artwork) using the supplied colours set to overprint. Please do not adjust, scale, rotate or amend
  • in any way as this has been made to match the tooling.
  • Please make sure to use the CMYK colour space plus any special colours quoted (PMS / Metallics etc).
  • Any images in RGB should be converted to CMYK
  • Text should be embedded or outlined
  • Images in the artwork should be set to a minimum resolution of 300dpi to avoid pixelation
  • Images and graphics that go right to the edge of cut lines should bleed at least 3mm outside of the cuts to account for any small tolerances in production.
  • You should allow a safe area within 2mm of any fold or cuts to avoid placing text or logos etc that you do not want to lose into the folds.
  • It is useful to have a made up sample to help visualise orientation and positioning of different panels.
  • Emboss/deboss, spot gloss and foil finishes should be kept clear of corners and creases.
  • Any areas to be foil blocked, embossed or require spot gloss effects should be set up as a spot colour with the appropriate name ("gold foil", "embossed" or "spot gloss") and set to overprint in a bright fluorescent colour.

Once artwork is ready, we require it is sent as a high-resolution print-ready PDF.  We will then preflight check it is ok for print prior to production.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, get in contact.

See our video guide to setting up your artwork