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Our expert team makes ordering custom printed packaging easy.  Start by getting a custom quote for your next packaging project.

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Awesome experience, boxes arrived promptly and the quality was exceptional. Faultless.”

“They are excellent at giving bespoke quotes for high quality products and the boxes that arrive with us are always of an excellent quality. They are often delivered earlier than the projected date too which is great! Thanks Woohoop!" 

“Really friendly and comprehensive customer service! The print and materials are always highest of quality, they provide great advice and present attention to detail that takes the service to a much higher level that any other supplier we have ever used.” 

“Woohoop have been brilliant from start to finish - extremely helpful and not afraid to go the extra mile. They have brilliant knowledge of everything on the market and if it doesn't exist already they'll happily find a way to make something bespoke.”

“Woohoop packaging have been superb to work with from start to finish. Our Point of contact was Beth who was extremely helpful in answering all questions and ensuring a timely delivery. We are very pleased with the final boxes to showcase our latest product in.“

Order process

Follow our tried and tested order process to efficiently order your custom printed packaging.

01 - Build the Box

Get a quote for your project.

A quote is the best place to start on any packaging project.

  • Get a quick quote by using our build your box tool.
  • Or just get in contact and one of our team will be happy to help. We are here to help to come up with the specification of your packaging.


What is the quotation process?

Quotation process-

  1. Provide project requirements (Dimensions, Specification and potential order quantities).
  2. Get a quotation.
  3. Approve quotation. (Or request a revised quote).

What do I need to know to get a quote?

We need to know the order quantity, the style of packaging, the dimensions, the print and finishing options. The easiest way to get a price is by using our build a box tool.

How to provide specification?

The easiest way to get a price is by using our build a box tool.

I am not sure of the details yet. Can I still get a quote?

Yes if you can give us information on the dimensions of your packaging or the contents and order quantity we can give you a rough price. The easiest way to get a price is by using our build a box tool.

Can I get a price for more than one option?

Yes we can provide multiple prices for different order quantities to help you decide what works best for you.

What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

We have no minimum order quantities set. Unfortunately for small order quantities the cost per unit will be very high, that only makes sense for marketing and promotional projects. The higher the order quantity the lower the unit price.

02 - Generate your sample

Approve an unprinted sample.

An unprinted sample of the specification is provided for your approval.

  • Designed by our in-house sample team, ensuring it is fit for purpose and holds your example contents.
  • This is checked and tested before being sent to you.
  • You can test and approve the sample before ordering.

(We ask for an initial sample deposit to be paid, this cost will be deducted from the final cost of your job)


What is the sample process?

Sampling Process -

  1. Once you have approved a quotation we can get started with sampling.
  2. Pay the initial sample fee.
  3. Send us a brief on how your packaging will be used and example physical contents of your packaging, (Example contents allow us to test and tweak the sample design).
  4. Sample is created.
  5. Sample sent for your approval, (Review & test sample before giving us your feedback).
  6. Sample approval, (Or if changes we will send an amended sample for your approval).

How long does it take to produce a sample?

As standard this will be 3-5 working days from when we receive your initial sample fee and your example product contents to create and test the suitability of the sample.

Do I have to send the example contents?

Yes this any background of how the packaging will enable our sample team to design and test the sample before sending it to you for approval, speeding up the process. Of course example contents are not relevant for some types of packaging.

Can I skip this step?

No, all the steps of our order process are there to make sure the end packaging is fit for purpose.

Can I get a printed sample - to see how my design will look?

As standard we provide a hard copy proof on a thin proofing material. If you want to see your design on the same material as your final order we can provide a printed prototype or a wet proof for an extra charge.

03 - Approve Artwork

Provide print ready artwork and approve hard copy proof.

Once you have approved the unprinted sample.

  • We send the PDF Artwork Template for you to drop your artwork into and return.
  • We pre-flight check and produce a PDF proof for your artwork.
  • We send you a hardcopy proof for final approval

How do I approve the artwork?

Create Print Ready Artwork:

  1. We send you the PDF artwork template (The cutter guide setup ready for you or a designer to drop in your artwork).
  2. Open the PDF artwork template in Adobe Illustrator (Or alternative).
  3. Drop in your artwork and design your packaging
  4. Save as a PDF
  5. Send us the PDF and we will begin the proofing process.

The Proofing Process:

  1. Send us your PDF print ready artwork.
  2. Pre-flight checks (We do quick checks to make sure your artwork is print ready).
  3. Hard copy proof sent for your approval.
  4. Provide approval (or if you spot something not right, resubmit your artwork).

Do I need a graphic designer?

An experienced graphic designer is needed to make sure your artwork is print ready. Printed packaging artwork is complicated and our expert team is here to help if needed.

How long does proofing take?

We impose your artwork for print, carry out pre-flight checks and send you a hard copy proof in the post. So this takes a minimum of 3 working days. If there are any amends this will add time.

What is a hardcopy proof?

A hardcopy proof is a print out of you final PDF artwork; printed to scale it shows where the crease, cut and glue areas will be. It is printed on thin proofing paper, NOT on the material we will use for production. It is your final check to ensure the final design is approved for print.

Can I just get a PDF proof?

We need approval of the hard copy proof before production. For very small amends we can send a PDF proof for approval.

Can I change the size of the template?

You can not change the size or dimensions of the PDF artwork template. If you need the size changed we will need to resample the new size for your approval before proofing.

04 - Manufacturing

Confirm order and go into production.

Once we have confirmed your final approval, order and payment, we will go ahead with production.


What is the production process?

The Production Process :

  1. Order and payment confirmation received
  2. Confirmation of in production delivery details and dispatch date
  3. Notification of dispatch
  4. Delivery.

How long will it take to manufacture packaging?

Turnaround time depends on the specification and material availability, typically expect a minimum of 15 working days. Once we have your artwork approval and order confirmation, our customer service team can confirm the turnaround time for you. (If you have an event or a deadline let us know and we will see what we can do.)

What are the payment terms?

We ask for payment in advance as standard.

What delivery options are available?

As Standard we offer next day delivery to 1 UK mainland address. We can arrange custom delivery options: multi-address deliveries, part deliveries, and pre-booked deliveries as required

How large will the delivery be?

Packing and delivery depends on your order specification and quantity. Typically we deliver on pallets, so will need a forklift for handling. Let us know if you have specific requirements.


Request a sample pack

Get a feel for the options available. We can send samples:

  • Styles of packaging,
  • Packaging material
  • Print options
  • Finishes

Let’s create your custom printed packaging.

Build Your Box

Get a feel for the options available. We can send samples:

  • Create your unique box
  • Choose finishing options
  • Bespoke sample approval

Choose from our Catalogue

Browse our catalogue of standard sized templates in various styles.

  • Choose a standard size template
  • Add your artwork
  • Order online

We're here to help!

If you can't find what you are looking for, talk to one of our team about your project or how we can help with your packaging

  • Multiple artwork versions
  • Multi-part composite jobs
  • Stock management
  • Multiple deliveries
  • Visit our factory showroom
  • Request samples

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