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Print specification options

Full colour

Full colour print is created from blending four primary colours (Cyan, Magenta, yellow and black) and is sometimes referred to as CMYK or full colour process.

  • Allows for printing photographic images
  • Wide colour gamut

Special colour inks

  • Black only
  • Pantone PMS colour
  • Metallics and neon colours.



As standard we apply a silk coating over the printed image to offer protection and a smooth finish. We can also use a matt or gloss coating depending on your requirements.
For more protection and for an better matt and gloss we can use a UV coating or lamination

  • Matt, gloss and silk coating
  • UV Coatings


Print process.

We use a lithographic print process to deliver high quality print with the ability to print in full colour process and with spot colours.

  • Create print ready artwork
  • Receive hard copy proof
  • Give the OK to print

Print FAQ's

  • What printing methods do you use?

    We have the ability to print using either Digital or Litho printing methods. We will use the most suitable printing method or the size of the product and the quantity ordered.

  • Do you print in full colour?

    Yes as standard we print in full colour using a four colour CMYK process where Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black is used to produced high quality full colour including printing of solid colours and vivid images.

    Using the same machine setup we can also print in black only. But if you are looking for a more custom printing specification you will need to get in contact with us first. See the options below

  • My artwork has white areas do you print using white ink?

    As standard we use white material so there is no need for using white ink for white areas. The white instead comes from the material white colour. This is fine even for type down to a font size of 6pt.

    If however you ask us to produce a bespoke job on a non white material. For example silver metallic board, brown Kraft board or another coloured board. If you would like white areas this will require a white print or matt white foil.

  • I would like to print in a specific pantone PMS colour is this possible?

    Yes this is possible. We have two methods available for printing in a pantone PMS colour, the first is using the colour breakdown within the CMYK printing method. The second method would be to use pantone ink, this will result in an exact match over multiple jobs. In addition to these we also have an in house mixing lab with the ability to mix a colour to match a colour of your choice, just as they do in the paint ads!.

  • What special printing specifications do you offer?

    We can offer bespoke printing specifications pantone PMS colours as mentioned above. If you are interested just get in contact we can also offer the following:

    1. UV cured inks- These are used to dry inks inline quickly with UV lamps. Used in digital and litho production. They result in more vivid colours particularly on un-coated stocks as the ink is dried on top of the substrate rather than being absorbed in, making them perfect for use on specialist materials like foil boards and un-coated stocks.

    2. Metallic inks - Give a metallic printed finish often in gold or silver also available available in a range of metallic pantone colours. it should be noted that as the ink is absorbed by the material the effect as metallic foiling. It is a much more subtle effect.

    3. Special Colours - We can formulate a custom colour bespoke to you. Our in house ink mixing team can mix the ink to match your requirements. Exactly like the paint ads!

    4. Fluorescent inks - These inks can give a unique fluorescent finish to your printed packaging.

  • Can you produce digital printed packaging / personalised printing?

    Yes, we have both digital and litho printing methods allowing us to offer digital printing when appropriate, typically for shorter runs and for jobs with multiple versions.

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